Practicing as a solo can be daunting, especially when it comes to the business management side of the firm. Lawyers are trained to practice law, not to manage an office.

In this webinar, you will learn some practical nuts-and-bolts tools, processes and procedures to build your office management infrastructure in a way that will help you stay within ethical bounds. This is a great course for practitioners starting out straight from law school, going solo after being in a firm where management was handled by staff, and for solo practitioners struggling to manage their practices while juggling client work.

Among other things, the course will cover the following topics:

  • Reliable and consistent billing practices and tools
  • Types of agreements you should have in template format, including engagement, non-engagement and disengagement forms
  • Controlling client correspondence and keeping records of it
  • Calendaring and tools to simplify the scheduling process
  • Conflicts checking tools
  • Trust accounting tips and tricks
  • Resources for help when work overwhelms a solo’s capacity
  • Backup plans
Faculty Member
Megan Zavieh
Zavieh Law

Megan Zavieh is an ethics and state bar defense lawyer. She is the author and editor of the unique digital product The Playbook: The California Bar Discipline System Practice Guide (From investigation through appeal, the pro se attorney’s comprehensive interactive guide to Wonderland), available August 24, 2017 at She launched her solo practice in 2009, focused on working with other lawyers on their discipline and ethics-related issues. Before opening her own practice, Megan worked at a number of firms in litigation, including Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, K&L Gates LLP and Dechert LLP. Megan earned her J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Law in 1999, and served in a Federal Judicial Clerkship in the United States Court of International Trade, under Hon. Even J. Wallach from 1999-2001.

CLE Credits (Law)

NALA--Credit not available
NFPA--Credit not available
AL1.5 Ethics
AK1.5 Ethics
ARNot Available Ethics
AZ1.5 Ethics
CA1.5 Ethics
CO1.8 Ethics
CT1.5 Ethics
DE1.5 Ethics
FL1.8 Ethics
GA1.5 Ethics
HI1.5 Ethics
IA1.5 Ethics
ID1.5 Ethics
IL1.5 Ethics
IN1.5 Ethics
KSNot Available Ethics
KY1.5 Ethics
LA1.5 Ethics
ME1.5 Ethics
MN1.5 Ethics
MO1.8 Ethics
MS1.5 Ethics
MT1.5 Ethics
NC1.5 Ethics
ND1.5 Ethics
NENot Available Ethics
NH1.5 Ethics
NJ1.8 Ethics
NM1.5 Ethics
NV1.5 Ethics
NY1.8 Ethics
OH1.5 Ethics
OK1.8 Ethics
OR1.5 Ethics
PA1.5 Ethics
RINot Available Ethics
SCNot Available Ethics
TN1.5 Ethics
TX1.5 Ethics
UT1.5 Ethics
VANot Available Ethics
VT1.5 Ethics
WA1.5 Ethics
WI1.8 Ethics
WV1.8 Ethics
WY1.5 Ethics

In some CLE states, the course will be submitted to the bar after you register. If for any reason the course is not approved, we will fully refund your registration fee. If a state is listed on this course, then we are confident the course fits that state's standards and already is or will be approved for credit.

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5 out of 5


5 out of 5

Excellent information. Grounded, realistic, and helpful. Megan is easy to listen to for 1.5 hours as she has a non-stilted conversational style, with enjoyable enthusiasm and cadence.

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