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Oregon Sexual Harassment Training Requirements


While sexual harassment training in Oregon is not specifically required by state statute, court decisions and EEOC guidelines from around the country have made clear that employers should provide workplace harassment training to all employees periodically.  The training should cover not just sexual harassment, but all forms of unlawful harassment related to federal and state protected characteristics.

Oregon law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (includes gender, pregnancy, and sexual harassment), sexual orientation (includes gender identity), religion, age (18 or older), marital status, physical/mental disability (in companies with 6+ employees), injury, family relationship, members of the uniformed services, and retaliation on the basis of having opposed an unlawful employment practice. The Oregon law also makes genetic discrimination illegal, preventing an employer from requiring or considering the results of genetic screening or brain wave tests. The Oregon anti-discrimination law also makes other kinds of employer conduct illegal, such as discrimination on the basis of testifying before the Legislature, giving or using breathalyzer tests, polygraph examinations, psychological stress tests (with certain exceptions), whistleblowing, and blacklisting. Employers are required to allow employees to attend criminal proceedings when the employee is a crime victim.


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