Sexual Harassment Training Mississippi

Exceeds training requirements in Mississippi and all states.

  • 50-state compliant
  • Engaging learning games 
  • Updated as laws change
  • New course each year
  • Users can ask questions
  • Take on computer,  tablet, or phone
  • We handle all tech support
  • More than 1,000 clients

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50-State Compliant

Our online training fulfills the sexual harassment training requirements of all federal and state laws, including those in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York State and New York City.

Engaging Instructional Design

Our courses utilize a story-based approach with engaging instructional design that focuses on the nuances of “gray areas.” The training covers all forms of unlawful harassment.

No Reruns

Each year we provide a new course so that your employees aren’t forced to take the same training year after year.

Free Legal Udates

With Clear Law Institute’s in-house legal expertise, you can be assured that our training is legally accurate and kept up-to-date with any changes in federal or state laws.

Users Can Ask Questions

We answer users’ questions about the training content within one business day, as required by various state sexual harassment training laws.

Easy Roll Out & Tech Support

We make it simple to roll out the training to your employees, and we provide technical support to your employees at no additional cost.

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Critically-Acclaimed Instructional Design

Engaging Story-Based Design

With a “Netflix-style” episode-based approach, we engage learners with a series of interactive stories. Instead of preaching the obvious, we focus on the nuances of “gray areas” that employees may encounter in real life.

Innovative Use of Learning Games

People love to learn but they hate to be taught! We incorporate several learning games, such as a “Family Feud” style game and an interactive conversation game.

No-Fail Assessment

Our assessment game ensures that every employee masters the course content—without allowing anyone to create a legal risk by failing.

Easy Course Administration

Access on All Devices and Bookmarking

Users can take the training on computers, tablets, or smartphones and can bookmark their progress.

Accessible to Users with Disabilities

Our training complies with legal requirements to make the training accessible to users with disabilities (Section 508 and WCAG requirements).

Course Administration

We make delivering the course to your employees effortless either on our Learning Management System “LMS” or your LMS.

End User Tech Support

Users call us with tech support questions, not you!

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Required Legal Expertise In-House

Expertise Requirements

Court cases and state laws, such as California AB 1825 and SB 1343, make clear that training providers must have expertise in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation to be qualified to provide sexual harassment training.

Clear Law’s In-House Legal Expertise

Unlike most providers, Clear Law has the required legal expertise in-house.  With Clear Law’s in-house employment law attorneys, you can be assured that the training is legally accurate and kept up-to-date with any legal changes from around the country.

Free Consultation with Compliance Attorney

Have questions about how to comply with your state’s sexual harassment training and policy laws?  Schedule a free consultation with a Clear Law compliance attorney now.

Course Versions

Multi-state employers can comply with state and local harassment training laws in all states with only three course versions. On certain course pages users select where they work to receive location-specific instruction.

  • Fundamentals (45 minutes): For all supervisors and non-supervisors, except for California and Connecticut.
  • Extended (1 hour): For California non-supervisors.
  • Advanced (2 hours): For California supervisors and Connecticut supervisors and non-supervisors.

Other Available Course Versions

  • International Version: Our 45-minute international course is taken by employees outside of the U.S.
  • Essentials Version: 20-minute short course.
  • Restaurant Version: Complies with Illinois and DC laws requiring restaurant-specific scenarios and content.
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Languages and Customizations


Each version is available in either English or Spanish.  Other languages are available upon request.

Standard Customizations

We can include your logo, relevant policies, workplace images, and an introductory audio or video message from a senior official in your organization.

Advanced Customizations

We can customize the training to reflect your industry and your specific workplace.  Using our “green screen” technology, we can even have scenarios take place in your workplace environment.

Mississippi Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

While sexual harassment training in Mississippi is not specifically required by state statute, court decisions and EEOC guidelines from around the country have made clear that employers should provide workplace harassment training to all employees periodically.  The training should cover not just sexual harassment, but all forms of unlawful harassment related to federal and state protected characteristics.

Mississippi does not have a general state anti-discrimination statute that applies to private employers.  There are statutes that prohibit discrimination against breast-feeding mothers who use lawful break time to express milk and discrimination claims for public employees only (or employers who receive public funding), including for political affiliation, race, national origin, sex, religious creed, age, or disability.


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