Sensitivity Coaching

Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying Prevention & Diversity Awareness

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Sensitivity Coaching

Clear Law Institute recognizes that situations arise when one-on-one Sensitivity Coaching is needed to address problematic workplace conduct.

In those cases, we provide personalized Sensitivity Coaching targeting harassment, discrimination, and bullying prevention, along with diversity awareness. Coaching sessions are conducted with a Senior Compliance Advisor with extensive employment law expertise. Our Senior Compliance Advisors do not simply lecture, but instead, provide this critical workplace education with a conversational tone in a safe and supportive learning environment.

We tailor each coaching session with a customized coaching plan that outlines specific actions and end goals. In addition to an individualized coaching plan, a typical session may include:

  • A conversation about the corrective action taken and the workplace conduct that led to such action.

  • An overview of the legal consequences for unlawful workplace behavior and actions.

  • An explanation of harmful workplace conduct and the impact on workplace culture.

  • A discussion on how “unintentional” behavior can be unlawful and disrespectful.

  • How to create and maintain a respectful and inclusive work environment.

  • An opportunity for questions and answers.

  • A review of the expectations for future workplace behavior.

Customized Sensitivity Coaching can address a variety of inappropriate workplace issues and assist in avoiding repeat offenses and costly legal consequences.

Clear Law Compliance Advisory Team

Unlike many training providers that have wandered into the compliance space, Clear Law Institute is a compliance services company that relies on our internal compliance team to ensure that our training, policies and other services are kept up to date with legal changes.  The following attorneys lead our team:

Michael Johnson, CEO of Clear Law Institute, is a former U.S. Department of Justice attorney who brought one of DOJ’s first “pattern or practice” sexual harassment cases. Mike has provided training and consulting on harassment prevention or investigations to organizations around the world such as the EEOC, the United Nations, and Google. He is a graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School.

Shannon Magill Farruk, Senior Compliance Advisor, has advised Fortune 500 companies on all aspects of employment and discrimination laws for more than a decade. Shannon previously practiced employment law at Dickstein Shapiro, Littler Mendelson, and the U.S. Department of Commerce. She is a graduate of Hamline University and University of Minnesota Law School.

Teresa Harvey Rollins, Senior Compliance Advisor, has nearly 20 years of experience representing Fortune 500 companies and other employers on a broad range of employment matters, including discrimination and harassment prevention. Tes previously practiced law as Counsel at Dickstein Shapiro and was CEO of PolicyPartner LLC, an employment compliance service provider. She is a graduate of Angelo State University and Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law.

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