Insider Trading Training Course for Employees

  • Interactive, online training for employees on insider trading
  • Learn what insider trading is, why insider trading is illegal, and the penalties for insider trading
  • Learn how to report concerns about insider trading
  • Take on computer, tablet, or phone
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In this interactive online training, employees learn about insider trading and how it can impact them and your company.  Among other things, employees will learn:

  • What is insider trading
  • Why insider trading is illegal
  • What is considered “material, nonpublic information”
  • Who can commit insider trading
  • The penalties for insider trading
  • The special rules for trades made by certain corporate insiders, and
  • How to report concerns about insider trading.

Why Train?

Companies should provide periodic training on how to avoid insider trading to all employees. Insider trading isn’t just a risk for senior executives or large shareholders. Any employee can violate insider trading laws if they learn of “material, nonpublic information” and trade based on that information. Employees can also violate insider trading laws if they tip off friends or family members and they make such trades.

Because insider trading is a crime, it can tarnish an organization’s reputation and threaten the future profitability of the company. It can also pose a legal risk to the company, which can face disruptive and expensive investigations that can lead to significant fines and penalties.

While most employees do not have malicious intent, they may inadvertently violate insider trading laws if they do not receive training on how to comply with the nuances of these laws. As a result, public companies, and businesses that may learn of material, nonpublic information about public companies, should provide all their employees with practical training on how to comply with insider trading laws.


Using a series of interactive scenarios, our online insider trading course covers the topics listed below.

Overview of Insider Trading

  • What is material, nonpublic information?
  • What is “tipping?”
  • Why is insider trading illegal?

Examples of Insider Trading (Interactive Scenarios)

  • Sales and profits
  • Layoffs and office closings
  • Management changes
  • Tipping
  • Knowledge of other companies
  • Pending investigations
  • Press releases
  • Required delays in trades

Blackout Periods and Pre-Clearance

  • Trading blackout periods
  • Quarterly blackout periods
  • Special blackout periods
  • Pre-clearance rules


  • Penalties
  • Discipline
  • Reporting and non-retaliation (customized to your policies)

Policy Review (with acknowledgement)

Design & Legal Updates

Our courses utilize a story-based approach with an engaging instructional design that focuses on the nuances of “gray areas.”

Unlike most compliance training providers, Clear Law Institute has in-house legal expertise to ensure that its courses are kept up to date with changes in the law. If the law changes so as to change the course instruction, Clear Law will update your course immediately at no cost.

Our courses are available in English, Spanish, and numerous other languages.

Users are able to submit questions about the course content which are answered within two business days.

Accessible to Users with Disabilities

Unlike most training providers, Clear Law Institute ensures that its training is accessible to users with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Clear Law's training meets not only Section 508 requirements but also the strict requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria.


The training is customized to reflect your organization’s specific policies and procedures.  For example, the training provides specific instruction on:

  • Your policies on insider trading
  • How to report concerns about insider trading

The course may also include:

  • Your logo
  • An introductory audio or video message from a senior leader welcoming users to the course
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