Inclusive Language Training

  • Interactive, online training that teaches your employees how to make their written and spoken language more inclusive and more effective.
  • Accessible for users with disabilities, as required by law
  • Part of Clear Law's research based DEI Curriculum
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Inclusive Language Training Course Overview

The goal of communication is that the listener understands the meaning you are trying to convey. If listeners feel left out or offended by the words you use, they may not receive the intended message. By being aware of the way others might interpret the language we use, we can make sure that listeners feel included and our message is heard. This course teaches how to use inclusive language in the workplace to make our communication both more respectful and more effective.

In this course, you will learn how to:

    • Recognize ways that language may explicitly or subtly exclude an individual or group
    • Improve verbal and written communication by making language more inclusive
    • Find resources to support your usage of inclusive language

Who Should Take Inclusive Language Training?

Using inclusive language at work can benefit everyone, as it is instrumental in fostering respectful and effective communication among co-workers.  Historically, everyday language has been subtly or not-so-subtly gendered and, as a result, has excluded large groups of people.  Conversely, language that refers to personal characteristics like someone’s race, gender or age, even when they are not relevant to the topic, can leave people feeling excluded or singled out.  Inclusive language training teaches how to be more aware of the language we choose and how simple changes in word choice can make a big difference.

To promote a positive and productive workplace, we must all strive to avoid workplace discrimination. In addition to Clear Law Institute's Harassment Prevention training, Unconscious Bias training, Microaggressions and Subtle Acts of Exclusion Training and Bystander Intervention training, Inclusive Language training educates your employees in how to make their written and spoken language more inclusive and more effective.


Inclusive Language Course Content

  • How to Spot Non-Inclusive Language and Replace it with Inclusive Alternatives
  • When is Gendered Language Appropriate and When is it Not
  • Use of Preferred Names and Pronouns
  • What to Do When You Make a Mistake
  • When to Reference Personal Characteristics like Race, Gender and Age
  • Resources for Checking Bias in Writing
Accessible to Users with Disabilities

When providing online compliance training, many employers unknowingly violate the Americans with Disabilties Act because their training is not fully accessible to users with disabilities. The EEOC has sued several employers in recent years for not providing accessible training. In 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice issued “Web Accessibility Guidance Under the Americans with Disabilities Act” and noted its renewed focus on suing companies for violating this guidance.

Clear Law Institute complies with not only Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act but also the much stricter requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standard.

Customized Content

Standard Customizations

We can include your logo, relevant policies, workplace images, and an introductory message from a senior official in your organization.

Advanced Customizations Available

Clear Law Institute can customize the course further to meet your organization’s training needs. We can even have scenarios take place in your workplace environment.

Policy Review & Acknowledgement

Users can be required to certify that they have read and understood your organization's relevant policies, which is included in the training.
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Course Administration

Workplace Violence

Access on All Devices and Bookmarking

Training progress is synced across all devices: computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Users can start the online training on one device and finish on another. The course does not have to be completed in one sitting: when a user returns, the course will resume where they left off.

Course Administration

We make delivering the course to your employees effortless. We will either:
  • Notify your employees of the need to take the course and send you periodic reports on who has completed the course;
  • Train you in 10 minutes to administer our robust but user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS);
  • Load the course onto your LMS and fully test it to ensure there are no problems. We have experience delivering the training to millions of users on a variety of Learning Management Systems.

Tier 1 Technical Support Provided

You should not have to become a computer support specialist to roll out a harassment course to your employees. Unlike many online course providers, we provide technical support to your employees at no additional cost for all of our training courses. If any employee has a problem with the course, they will call us, not you.
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