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The Skokie Chamber of Commerce & Industry is excited to partner with Clear Law Institute to offer CLI’s online harassment training to Chamber members at a 20% discount.  Clear Law is recognized as one of the leading compliance training providers in the nation, and its training is used by over 1,000 employers, including SiriusXM, Petco, and the NBA.

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50-State Compliant

Our online training fulfills the sexual harassment training requirements of all federal and state laws, including those in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York State and New York City.

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Engaging Instruction

Our courses utilize a story-based approach with an engaging instructional design that focuses on the nuances of “gray areas." Our courses are available in either English or Spanish.

No Reruns

Each year we provide a new course so that your employees aren’t forced to take the same training year after year.

Go Beyond "Check-the-Box" Harassment Training

Clear Law Institute’s online course, Positive Workplace: Preventing Harassment at Work, is used by hundreds of employers across the nation, including numerous law firms and Fortune 500 companies, to comply with all 50 states’ sexual harassment laws, including Illinois’ Workplace Transparency Act (SB75). The harassment course focuses on exploring the nuances of “gray area” situations that employees may face in real life. Clear Law’s Harassment law experts also ensure the course is accurate and up-to-date with the nuances of Illinois’s requirements.

Course Content and Legal Expertise

The Illinois Transparency Act (SB75) requires all employers in Illinois to provide annual training on Sexual Harassment prevention effective Jan. 1, 2020.

With Clear Law’s in-house legal expertise, you can be assured that the training is legally accurate and kept up-to-date with any legal changes nationwide.

Consistent with EEOC guidelines and court decisions, Clear Law’s training covers not just sexual harassment, but all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Course Administration

We make delivering the course to your employees effortless.

We will either:
(1) Notify your employees of the need to take the course and send you periodic reports on who has completed the course,
(2) Train you in 10 minutes to administer our robust but user-friendly Learning Management System (“LMS”), or 

(3) Load the course onto our LMS and fully test it to ensure there are no problems. 

We make it simple to roll out the training to your workplace, and we provide technical support to your employees at no additional cost. We also have experience delivering the training to hundreds of thousands of users on a variety of Learning Management Systems. 
Online Harassment Training

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