FAQ's about Clear Law joining Traliant

Clear Law Institute and Traliant Acquistion 

Who is Traliant?
Traliant is the leading provider of innovative compliance training solutions, driven by their mission to transform training from boring to brilliant. With a comprehensive catalog covering critical ethics, compliance, and safety topics, Traliant helps thousands of organizations foster safe, ethical workplace cultures with behavior-based solutions that can be easily customized to their industry, culture, and branding.
What does Traliant do?
Traliant delivers customized, interactive learning experiences that effectively promote ethical decision-making, drive behavior changes, mitigate risk and foster a culture of compliance within organizations. By blending the latest advancements in learning innovation with film-studio production quality, Traliant creates training that captivates learners and instills the behaviors that create better workplaces.
How do clients like me benefit from Traliant’s acquisition of Clear Law Institute?
Clear Law’s in-depth industry expertise and Traliant’s innovative training solutions will provide our customers with access to an extensive pool of resources and enhanced offerings, delivering unparalleled value.
  • Expanded Resources & Expertise: A newly expanded team of compliance specialists offers extensive knowledge, insights, and support to help navigate even the most complex regulatory environments. With our united expertise, we leave no compliance challenge unaddressed.
  • Accelerated Product Innovation: Our partnership propels us to the forefront of compliance training innovation, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, advanced learning methodologies, and immersive experiences that redefine how you approach training. With unwavering commitment to staying ahead, our partnership ensures that you are equipped with the tools to excel in an ever-changing compliance landscape.
  • Enhanced Solutions to Meet Evolving Needs: Our enhanced solutions will address the latest regulatory requirements, emerging risks, and industry trends. From comprehensive training programs to customizable modules, we empower you to cultivate a culture of compliance excellence.
We strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers, understanding their evolving needs and tailoring our offerings to exceed their expectations. By continuously evolving and optimizing our products and services, we enable our customers to unleash their true capabilities, achieve greater success, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
What immediate changes will I see?

For the immediate future, we are committed to ensuring your experience remains consistent. Our primary focus will be to ensure a continued seamless experience with minimal disruption to your business.

Looking ahead, our long-term objective is to integrate our two offerings, leveraging Traliant’s expertise in learning innovation to create a comprehensive solution that surpasses expectations.

If I have questions, who should I contact?
For any questions or inquiries regarding the acquisition, please contact: Kasey Murray at [email protected].