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Unconscious Bias Training: Promoting a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

  • Interactive, online training
  • Addresses wide variety of implicit biases
  • Practical guidance on reducing the impact of bias at work
  • Users can take on computer, tablet, or phone
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Compliance News Alert: President Biden Signs Executive Order Revoking Trump Administration Ban on Unconscious Bias Training

On January 20, 2021, President Biden signed an Executive Order revoking the Trump Administration’s ban on certain types of diversity and unconscious bias training by federal agencies, contractors, and grantees.  Submit your email for instant access. ​

Why Provide Training on Unconscious Bias?

Researchers have found that diverse and inclusive workplaces boost employee morale, increase customer satisfaction, and improve profit margins.  Promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment, however, requires more than just eliminating intentional acts of harassment and discrimination.  Instead, we must also attempt to understand how unconscious bias and implicit bias can impact the decisions we make and our interactions with others in the workplace.

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Course Introduction

Instructional Design

  • Clear Law’s interactive online training goes beyond detailing the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace to focus on practical steps that employees can take to help achieve this goal.  Specifically, the course challenges learners to explore the nuances of unconscious, implicit biases, and how these biases can impact our judgements and decisions about others at work.
  • The unconscious bias training addresses a wide variety of hidden biases, such as those based on race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, and sexual orientation.  The training also addresses biases based on a variety of personal characteristics such as height, weight, and attractiveness.
  • The training focuses on providing practical guidance that learners can implement immediately in their workplace to help reduce the impact of bias and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Course Versions

  • Clear Law offers two versions of this interactive, online training.
    • Non-Managers: 30 minutes
    • Managers: 40 minutes
  • The managers version includes the same content as the non-managers course and also addresses techniques for reducing bias relating to:
    • Recruiting and Hiring
    • Assignments, Performance Assessments, and Promotions
  • Many clients choose to provide all employees the 40-minute version, as it can be helpful for all employees to understand management efforts to reduce the impact of bias and promote diversity and inclusion.
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Unconscious Bias Course Content

  • In this highly engaging, interactive online training, learners explore the nuances of the following topics:
    • What is unconscious bias and why does it occur?
      • Intentional vs. unintentional discrimination
      • Why our brains create schemas and generalizations to process information
      • How our brains often make quick “gut instinct” decisions and then rationalize our decisions afterwards
      • Why we exhibit implicit biases
    • Types of Unconscious Bias
      • Implicit biases based on individual characteristics such as race, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, and attractiveness
      • How to measure your level of bias with the Implicit Association Test (IAT)
      • How everyone exhibits some type or types of bias
      • Why people can exhibit bias against their own personal characteristics
    • Unconscious Bias and the Workplace
      • How implicit bias can impact the workplace
      • Examples of bias relating to gender, race, sexual orientation, and gender identity
    • How do we “interrupt” unconscious bias from impacting our workplace decisions and behavior?
      • Why is it difficult to eliminate implicit bias
      • How to become aware of which particular biases you may exhibit
      • How to question our automatic assumptions
      • Avoiding labels
      • Allyship: How to become an ally in the effort to reduce the impact of implicit bias in the workplace
      • Bystander Intervention: What to do if you experience or witness bias in the workplace
      • How to speak up
      • Interactions with co-workers and others in the workplace
      • Meetings
      • Assignments
      • Promotions
      • Performance evaluations
    • Recruiting and Hiring (Manager Version)
      • How to minimize the impact of implicit bias in the recruitment and hiring process
      • Job descriptions
      • Use of word-of-mouth recruiting
      • Reviewing resumes
      • Interviews
    • Assignments, Performance Assessment, and Promotions (Manager Version)
      • Work assignments
      • Task assignment assessments
      • Performance assessments
      • Promotion decisions
      • Expanding the promotion pool of candidates
    • Diversity and Inclusion
      • Impact of bias on organizational effectiveness
      • Strategic benefits of diverse and inclusive workplaces
      • Financial benefits of diverse and inclusive workplaces

Instructor-Led Training

  • In addition to the self-paced online training described above, Clear Law Institute also provides live, instructor-led training on diversity, inclusion and implicit bias.  These sessions are presented using video-conferencing software as Zoom, Teams, or WebEx.  
  • Clients choose instructor-led training either:
    • (1) To train all employees as an alternative to self-paced online training
    • (2) To train a subset of their employees (such as their executive team)
    • (3) As a supplement to the self-paced online training.  With this option, all employees take the self-paced training and then Clear Law facilitates live discussion groups.
  • Each of our instructor-led sessions are led by employment lawyers with experience and expertise in diversity and inclusion efforts.  Our facilitators for this topic include a former Chair of the EEOC, a former employment lawyer for NPR, and our CEO, Michael Johnson, who is a former civil rights attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice.
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Policy Reviews and Consultation

  • In addition to providing online self-paced and instructor-led training, Clear Law is also available to:
    • Review or help create your diversity and inclusion policies
    • Consult on your efforts to establish a diverse and inclusive workplace

Clear Law Institute provides online compliance training for more than 1,000 clients, including:

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