Tens of thousands of employees—at organizations such as PETCO and the University of Notre Dame—learn about their organization’s harassment, ethics, compliance, and other workplace policies using Clear Law’s critically-acclaimed online courses and online learning games.

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Preventing Workplace Harassment

Featured at Learning Solutions Magazine’s SolutionsFest, our innovative course design relies on games and nuanced scenarios to train employees on sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment.

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Online Learning Games

Employees learn about your specific policies on ethics and compliance, HR, or other workplace policies through engaging learning games that they can play on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Investigation Seminars

Former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Michael Johnson presents on-site seminars on conducting effective investigations to dozens of Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as the EEOC and the United Nations.

Why Use Clear Law's Online Courses

Legal Accuracy

Unlike many training providers, Clear Law Institute has nationally-recognized legal expertise on staff to help ensure that its courses are legally accurate.

Outstanding Customer Support

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer support in the industry. Unlike many training providers, we even offer Tier 1 technical support for your users so that you don’t have to worry about any technical support calls.

No-Fail Assessments

Clear Law’s online courses require each employee to master course content before completing a course. In this way, no employee can create a potential legal liability by failing a course.


Clear Law’s courses are very interactive and engage employees in the learning process. Because employees take the courses individually, each employee must actively participate in the learning process.

Electronic Recording of Completion

Clear Law’s courses electronically record who has completed the course, eliminating paperwork and allowing you to easily ensure 100% participation in the course.


Clear Law’s online courses allow you to train employees at a much lower cost than in-person training.


As Clear Law’s courses are available 24/7/365, each employee can take Clear Law’s courses at the time most convenient for him or her.

Administrative Ease

Clear Law’s online courses greatly reduce the costs and logistical difficulties of scheduling in-person training for new employees and for employees who work in different locations and on different shifts.

Why Provide Employees Compliance Training

Teach employees how to comply with the law. To comply with the complex web of workplace harassment, ethics, and compliance laws and regulations, you must provide employees accurate, up-to-date, and practical information so that they can learn their responsibilities.

Reduce the costs of legal claims. Effective compliance training will save money by reducing the number of complaints employees file, thereby reducing the costs of investigating, litigating, and resolving those complaints.

Law requires training. Recent court decisions, federal guidelines, and state laws make it essential that you provide employees training on harassment and certain ethics and compliance topics. Organizations that provide effective training can:

  • Comply with mandatory training requirements of federal sentencing guidelines
  • Avoid punitive damages in employee lawsuits
  • Assert a defense in harassment lawsuits
  • Follow federal guidelines that require training
  • Follow state laws that require training
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