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Carrie Mason

JuryScope, Inc

Carrie Mason is a Senior Trial Consultant with JuryScope, Inc. She has more than 15 years experience in a broad range of cases. Ms. Mason has worked hundreds of cases, including landmark civil and high profile criminal cases such as UC v. Genentech, US v. Martha Stewart, People of California v. Scott Peterson and People of California v. Knoller and Noel (the dog mauling case). Her experience extends to all aspects of trial consulting: case analysis, theme development, mock trial and focus group research facilitation and analysis, conceptualization of trial graphics, witness preparation, juror questionnaire development and evaluation, jury selection and post-verdict juror interviews. Ms. Mason has interviewed thousands of mock jurors and hundreds of actual jurors about their decision making, so has true insight and understanding into how jurors react to evidence, themes and witnesses, and how they reach verdicts.

Webinars by Carrie Mason