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Alan Jacobus

APJ Legal

Alan Jacobus is the proprietor of APJ Legal. Alan has developed his practice skills from some of the best litigators in the country. Early in his career, Alan worked with and learned from some of the best trial lawyers in New Orleans, Louisiana, many of whom were national litigation heavyweights. He learned how to prepare cases for trial from the earliest stages of dispute, and how to try cases. He later began to represent small businesses with big problems. Alan learned how to partner with businesses and individuals who often faced financial disaster, and to counsel them through those crises, trying cases for them when necessary. Later in his career, Alan represented enormous multi-national corporations in some of their biggest and most complex disputes, going to trial when necessary, but also achieving excellent compromised results when that was the client's goal. Serving such sophisticated consumers of legal services, Alan honed his professional customer service skills to ensure clients always have the information needed to make intelligent, informed decisions about some of their most weighty legal matters.

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