Session 1: The Changing Landscape of Unclaimed Property
9/28/20, 3PM ET to 4:15 ET

Over the past year, there have been many changes in the unclaimed property landscape, including:

  • A new Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) was approved
  • The American Bar Association is drafting its own uniform unclaimed property act because it had concerns with RUUPA
  • Delaware’s unclaimed property estimation methodology was characterized as “unconstitutional”
  • Multiple states scrapped their old unclaimed property statutes and have adopted new ones

In this practical webinar, you will learn about:

  • Recent unclaimed property changes
  • How these changes may impact your company
  • What unclaimed property may look like in the future
  • Key areas where companies may have compliance obligations and other reporting responsibilities

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the revised provisions in the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
  • Identify litigation impacting unclaimed property and your company
  • Reference new legislative updates, including new UP acts in many jurisdictions
  • Identify fundamental principles and rules of unclaimed property
  • Adhere to special requirements, reporting requirements, and due dates

Identify key areas of concern relating to your unclaimed property compliance process and address any potential unclaimed property issues that exist for your company.

Session 2: Unclaimed Property: Compliance Considerations
9/29/20, 3PM ET to 4:15 ET

In the current economic climate – increased acquisitions and corporate restructuring – questions often arise about what is, and is not, eliminated through a bankruptcy. The issue is more important than ever with UP audits on the rise, due in part to an increase in the number of third-party contingent-fee audit firms. As always, unclaimed property auditors are focused on finding the “skeletons in the closet,” and are now becoming increasingly focused a company’s history to locate “forgotten” exposure. Many companies believe that if they, or an affiliate or acquisition, have been through a bankruptcy, no unclaimed property liability remains. Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify the state’s rights regarding potential UP held by an entity that has filed for bankruptcy
  • Determine actions required by the state during a bankruptcy to secure its claims
  • Define what companies need to know about bankruptcy and UP
  • Determine what to do if your company is filing for bankruptcy, is emerging from bankruptcy, or if your company is NOT filing for bankruptcy – but is potentially acquiring someone who has

Session 3: Unclaimed Property Audits and VDAs – Key Considerations for Your Company
9/30/20, 3PM ET to 4:15 ET

In this practical webinar, you will learn about unclaimed property audits and voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs), including:

  • Audit triggers
  • Key areas where most companies may be at risk
  • What to do if you receive an audit notice
  • How to respond to audit information requests (including whether a request is “reasonable”)
  • Calculating potential liabilities (including the use of sampling and estimation)
  • What to do if an audit gets contentious
  • How to finalize the audit
  • How to prepare for post-audit unclaimed property responsibilities

Additionally, you will learn that if your company hasn’t been selected for an unclaimed property audit, many states offer voluntary remedies that allow companies to report past due property without interest or penalties. In this practical webinar, you will learn the options available to help your company achieve full compliance, regardless of your past compliance history.

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Define the unclaimed property audit process
  • Identify audit triggers and areas of audit risk
  • Establish an action plan of what to do and what to expect when an audit notice is received
  • Respond to overreaching information requests
  • Utilize sampling and estimation techniques used in assessment calculations
  • Protect your company’s rights in contentious audits
  • Determine when to enter into a VDA and if so, determine which application guidelines to adhere to
  • Recognize look back periods (i.e. 10 years + dormancy) and/or the need for estimations
  • Engage in “best” practices for your company’s unclaimed property strategy

Session 4: Unclaimed Property Considerations in Merger and Acquisition Transactions
10/1/20, 3PM ET to 4:15 ET

In this practical webinar, you will learn:

  • How unclaimed property liabilities can be transferred during both stock and asset acquisitions
  • Common mistakes and oversights in the standard due diligence process
  • What steps to take to ensure that a company doesn’t unknowingly acquire unclaimed property liabilities
  • Indemnification provisions
  • What to do if an unclaimed property liability has already been assumed by a company

Upon course completion, you will be able to:

  • Outline how unclaimed property liabilities get transferred during M&A transactions
  • Define why even seemingly small amounts can become material under audit
  • Determine how to protect your company from acquiring unclaimed property liabilities during an acquisition
  • Assess whether due diligence processes are effective in identifying potential unclaimed property
  • Determine which terms in an acquisition agreement can protect your company from acquiring unanticipated unclaimed property liabilities

Prerequisite: None

Program Level: Intermediate

Field of Study: Business Law, Auditing, Taxes

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Faculty Member
Robert Tucci
True Partners Consulting

Robert Tucci is a Managing Director in the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting, with over 19 years of experience in state and local tax and over 16 years of experience in unclaimed property consulting. He has represented numerous clients in the defense of unclaimed property audits, the performance of comprehensive diagnostic reviews, and the development and implementation of unclaimed property policies and procedures. Before joining True Partners Consulting, Robert held the position of Co-Leader of Grant Thornton’s National Unclaimed Property Practice. Robert has spoken before numerous trade and professional organizations including Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization, National Association of Credit Management, IRS Compliance Regulatory Tax & AP Conference, American Payroll Association, Tax Executives Institute, Association for Financial Professionals, and Institute of Financial Management.

Faculty Member
Jim Weigand
True Partners Consulting LLC

Jim Weigand is a Senior Manager in the National Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting LLC. Mr. Weigand has over 16 years of experience in unclaimed property consulting, including audit defense, comprehensive diagnostic reviews, quantitative analysis, exposure remediation, and voluntary settlement procedures. Additionally, he plays an integral role in assisting clients with their annual unclaimed property compliance processes.

Faculty Member
Matthew Chenowth
True Partners Consulting LLC

Matthew Chenowth is a Senior Manager in the Unclaimed Property Solutions Practice of True Partners Consulting LLC. Mr. Chenowth has over 19 years of extensive experience in unclaimed property consulting, specializing in the development and implementation of planning opportunities, comprehensive diagnostic reviews, and audit defense. He has also assisted on numerous mergers and acquisitions, allowing him to gain experience in the technical issues surrounding corporate restructurings. Mr. Chenowth has published articles on unclaimed property in the Tax Advisor and The Journal of Accountancy.

Faculty Member
Steven Swaigenbaum
True Partners Consulting

Steven Swaigenbaum is a Managing Director in the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting. Steven has over 16 years of professional experience in consulting, public accounting and industry finance, and has extensive experience in managing and defending unclaimed property audits conducted by both third-party contract firms and states directly, providing expert guidance to companies in industries such as entertainment, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and technology. Steven has spoken before organizations such as the California Society of CPAs, the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Accounts Payable & Procure-to-Pay Network, and the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization.

Faculty Member
Aaron Kezele
True Partners Consulting LLC

Aaron Kezele is a Senior Manager in the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting. Aaron has been a part of True Partners since 2008, during which time Aaron has specialized in unclaimed property consulting with a focus on the analysis, quantification and mitigation of potential unclaimed property exposure, coupled with the strategic defense for unclaimed property audits and voluntary disclosure agreements. He has assisted numerous Fortune 500 and middle market companies across multiple industries. Aaron also has significant experience in the identification and implementation of policies and procedures, as well as general unclaimed property annual compliance. Aaron has spoken before numerous trade and professional organizations including UPPO (Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization) and NACM (National Association of Credit Management).

Faculty Member
Cathleen Bucholtz
True Partners Consulting

Cathleen Bucholtz is the Managing Director and National Unclaimed Property Practice Leader for the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting. Cathleen has over 26 years of experience in unclaimed property and state and local tax consulting and auditing, with extensive experience in all aspects of unclaimed property including consulting, audit defense, comprehensive diagnostic reviews, statistical sampling, development of leading practices, and annual compliance. Cathleen has spoken before numerous trade and professional organizations including Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization, American Payroll Association, Association for Financial Professionals, Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Council on State Taxation, and National Business Institute, and many others.

Faculty Member
Michelle Moloian
True Partners Consulting LLC

Michelle Moloian is a Senior Manager in the Unclaimed Property Practice of True Partners Consulting. Michelle currently oversees the Unclaimed Property compliance practice and is responsible for accurate and timely annual filing of thousands of unclaimed property reports for an impressive list of Fortune 100, 500 and middle market companies in various industries. Michelle supervises True Partner’s Professional Policy & Procedure practice, and leads the effort to successfully complete the annual System and Organizational Controls (“SOC”) 2 Type 2 audit on True Partners Unclaimed Property Services, working with an independent licensed Certified Public Accounting firm to test True Partners Consulting’s policies, procedures, internal controls and infrastructure for data protection, security and confidentiality. Michelle also has comprehensive experience in providing a variety of other unclaimed property services to her clients including comprehensive diagnostic reviews, audit defense, voluntary disclosures, policies and procedures, and exposure calculation and mitigation.

Credit values for your jurisdiction are for one session of this multiple session webinar.
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CLE Credits (Law)

Credit Value Type Format
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NE 1.25 General
NH 1.25 General
NJ 1.5 General
NM 1.2 General
NV 1 General
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OH 1.25 General
OK 1.5 General
OR 1.25 General
PA 1 General
RI 1.5 General
SC Not Available General
TN 1.25 General
TX 1.25 General
UT 1 General
VA - - Credit not available
VT 1.25 General
WA 1.25 Law and Legal Procedure
WI 1.5 General
WV 1.5 General
WY 1.25 General

In some CLE states, the course will be submitted to the bar after you register. If for any reason the course is not approved, we will fully refund your registration fee. If a state is listed on this course, then we are confident the course fits that state's standards and already is or will be approved for credit.

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Business Law,

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Clear Law Institute has registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy as a CPE Sponsor. This registration does not constitute an endorsement by the Board as to the quality of our CPE Program.

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