Virginia Update

February 2, 2021

The last few weeks have seen seismic shifts in the COVID-19 workplace safety landscape. Below is a state-by-state summary of some of the most important changes (and continued requirements):

Virginia recently adopted a Permanent Standard to address COVID-19 workplace safety, effective January 27, 2021. The Permanent Standard supersedes the Emergency Temporary Standard adopted in August 2020, which expired the previous day.

The Permanent Standard largely tracks the Emergency Temporary Standard with a few clarifications on outbreaks, sick leave policies, enforcement, case reporting, test and time-based return-to-work requirements, and respirator standards. 

The Permanent Standard will remain in effect throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Within 14 days of the expiration of Governor Northam’s COVID-19 emergency declaration, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s Safety and Health Codes Board will meet to determine whether there is a continued need for the standard.

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