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Sexual Harassment Training Requirements and Upcoming Deadlines Webinar

Several states have recently updated their sexual harassment training laws, and many have end-of-year deadlines to train all employees. 

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In this webinar, you will receive step-by-step guidance on how to comply with all sexual harassment training laws, including those in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, New York City, Puerto Rico, and Washington.  You will also hear about court decisions from around the country have made it essential for employers to train all employees nationwide.  You will learn about: 

Training Laws

  • State and local laws
  • Industry – and job-specific training laws

State and Local Training Requirements

  • Covered employers
  • Requirements for part-time employees, interns, and independent contractors
  • Retraining requirements
  • Required training topics and length
  • Penalties for not providing training

Why Training is Essential Nationwide

  • State laws that require training of employees outside of that state
  • Training requirements for government contractors
  • Court decisions that have made training essential nationwide

Legal Considerations in Providing Training

  • Requirement that training provider have expertise in harassment, discrimination, and retaliation law
  • Ensuring legally accurate content
  • Ensuring that employees can access state-specific legal information 
  • Continually updating content when laws change
  • Requirement that online training be “interactive”
  • Requirement that online users be able to ask questions and have questions answered by an expert
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities
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