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COVID-19 Safe Workplace training UPDATE

Michigan COVID-19 Workplace Training Requirements

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) issued Emergency Rules implementing COVID-19 workplace safety requirements for businesses that resume in-person work, including employee training.

MIOSHA adopted the Emergency Rules in response to the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent decision invalidating the Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Orders. The Emergency Rules are effective immediately and for six months thereafter.

The Emergency Rules incorporate many of the workplace safety requirements found in the now invalid Executive Order 2020-114, including the workplace training mandate.

Training Requirements

The Emergency Rules require COVID-19 employee training include:

  • Workplace infection-control practices

  • The proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE)

  • How employees with COVID-19 notify their employer

  • How to report unsafe working conditions

Updated training must be provided if the employer’s COVID-19 preparedness and response plan changes or new information becomes available about the diagnosis or transmission of COVID-19.

Records of all COVID-19 employee training must be maintained for at least one (1) year.

Other Workplace Safety Measures

A variety of general workplace provisions applicable to all employers are adopted in the Emergency Rules, as well as industry-specific requirements, including training, job hazard assessments, COVID-19 preparedness and response plan, adoption of basic infection prevention measures, social distancing, face coverings, employee screening, and recordkeeping. 

Why Clear Law Institute?

Clear Law Institute’s online COVID-19 Safe Workplace Training complies with all state training mandates, CDC and OSHA guidelines, as well as industry best practices. The online training is self-paced, fully narrated, and includes numerous interactive animations, video demonstrations, and exercises to keep employees engaged. 

Clear Law Institute provides online training to over 1,000 employers, handles training roll-out to employees, supports tech issues, and tracks course completions.

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