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COVID-19 Safe Workplace training Update

States Penalize Employers for Not Providing
Compliant Covid-19 Safe Workplace Training

Several states are conducting workplace safety investigations and issuing citations to businesses that allegedly failed to follow state agency guidelines on safe workplace practices amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, some businesses were issued citations because they either did not provide employees with the required workplace safety training or, if the training was provided, it did not include all the prescribed training elements.


The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSH) recently issued citations to businesses for not providing a safe and healthy workplace, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in penalties. 

Following several workplace inspections, the agency cited six businesses with serious violations under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act. MIOSHA found that these businesses had not followed the state’s required safe workplace guidelines and, therefore, did not take the necessary precautions to protect employees from Covid-19. The violations included a range of deficiencies, including not implementing the required workplace mitigation practices, such as health screenings, face coverings, cleaning measures, and failing to provide employees with mandatory workplace safety training. 

Although MIOSHA found that some of the businesses did provide training, they were nevertheless issued a citation for not providing all the required elements of the mandatory workplace safety training. For example, one business was cited for failing to train employees on “recognizing symptoms of Covid-19” and for “not keeping a record that training was completed.” Other businesses were issued citations for not providing training that covered “workplace infection-control practices” and “social distancing practices and the use of face coverings.”

California, Rhode Island, and Virginia

The Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations, Covid-19 Task Force, has also begun conducting investigations and issuing compliance orders to businesses for not following the state’s safe workplace regulations. Likewise, Virginia plans to hire nearly 100 employees to respond to almost 23,000 complaints alleging non-compliance with recently enacted Covid-19 regulations. California OSHA has similarly received approximately 5,000 complaints, conducted 538 inspections, and told 71 businesses to prepare for a citation. 

These recent enforcement activities highlight the importance of providing Covid-19 workplace safety training that is fully compliant with the various state training mandates. 

Why Clear Law Institute?

Clear Law Institute’s online COVID-19 Safe Workplace Training complies with all state training mandates, CDC and OSHA guidelines, as well as industry best practices. The online training is self-paced, fully narrated, and includes numerous interactive animations, video demonstrations, and exercises to keep employees engaged. 

Clear Law Institute provides online training to over 1,000 employers, handles training roll-out to employees, supports tech issues, and tracks course completions.

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