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COVID-19 Employee Safety Training Requirements

Numerous Executive Orders, OSHA and state agency guidelines, and court cases have made it essential that employers provide all employees COVID-19 workplace safety training. 

OSHA and the CDC have advised all employers nationwide to provide COVID-19 safety training to their employees. Indeed, more than a dozen states currently require COVID-19 training before or upon employees return to the workplace. Each state specifies both similar and differing content that must be included in the training.

Employers who fail to provide coronavirus safety training may increase the risk of lawsuits from employees who contract COVID-19 in the workplace. In fact, there has been a sharp increase in lawsuits filed against employers relating to COVID-19, in addition to claims involving OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, personal injury, and other tort claims.  Employers that provide COVID-19 safe workplace training reduce the risk of exposure to such claims while also demonstrating concern for employee well-being.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following states require businesses to implement workplace safety training:

In this white paper, Shannon Magill Farruk, Senior Compliance Advisor, outlines COVID-19 employee training requirements by state, as well as CDC and OSHA guidance. Recent court cases and potential employer liability related to COVID-19 are also discussed.  

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