COVID-19 Safe Workplace training UPDATE

Employers Fined by Cal/OSHA for Non-Compliant COVID-19 Training 

Recently, Cal/OSHA issued multiple citations and fined several California employers for not providing effective COVID-19 workplace training outlined in Cal/OSHA Interim Guidelines on Protecting Workers from COVID-19.

The violations include failing to adequately train employees on certain workplace safety topics, such as:

  • how the virus is spread

  • signs and symptoms of COVID-19

  • hazards related to COVID-19

  • measures to avoid infection

  • how to safely use cleaners and disinfectants

Cal/OSHA also cited and fined Ralph’s grocery stores over $100,000 for failing to provide effective COVID-19 employee training, in addition to several other workplace safety violations.

Two Amazon warehouses in California were similarly issued citations by Cal/OSHA for certain workplace safety violations, including the failure to provide effective safety training to employees to help mitigate their potential exposure to COVID-19.

Cal/OSHA’s recent enforcement activities highlight the importance of providing compliant COVID-19 workplace safety training.

Why Clear Law Institute?

Clear Law Institute’s online COVID-19 Safe Workplace Training complies with all state training mandates, CDC and OSHA guidelines, as well as industry best practices. The online training is self-paced, fully narrated, and includes numerous interactive animations, video demonstrations, and exercises to keep employees engaged. 

Clear Law Institute provides online training to over 1,000 employers, handles training roll-out to employees, supports tech issues, and tracks course completions.

Contact us for a FREE TRIAL of Online COVID-19 Safe Workplace Training.

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