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Clear Law Institute provides more than 80 live webinars per month and hundreds of on-demand webinars. To view reviews of a specific webinar, please visit that webinar’s course page. Search Webinars Now.

“Efficient communication of practical points.”

“It was very informative and I liked that it was interactive.”

“It was more in-depth than usual courses. Had the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification.”

Preventing Workplace Harassment Online Course

Clear Law Institute provides self-paced online harassment training for tens of thousands of employees of more than 75 clients.

“I liked the variety of scenarios, the chance to interact with the material, the chapters, the way I could go back to complete the course instead of doing it in one sitting.”

“Good information provided and the interaction helped to keep me engaged and helped cement understanding of the concepts.”

“I liked the scenarios that complemented the course material. It made it understandable. I also liked the frequent questions during the course. Those kept me engaged.”

Online Learning Games on Compliance Topics

Clear Law Institute provides innovative online learning games for clients’ employees on ethics and compliance topics.

“Gave practical examples, reminded me of things I had forgotten.”

“It provided ‘real world’ examples with an explanation of the risks.”