New Mexico Mandates COVID-Safety Employee Training

New Mexico recently issued Covid-Safe Practices For All Employers currently allowed to reopen during Covid-19. According to this guidance, employers are required to “[t]rain all employees on daily cleaning and disinfecting protocol, hygiene, and respiratory etiquette (e.g., covering coughs).” 

All Together New Mexico, Covid Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers (pg. 9) (employee training listed as “required”); New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Emergency Order (June 1. 2020) (retail businesses allowed to reopen must comply with All Together, New Mexico, Covid Safe Practices for Individuals and Employers).

Clear Law Institute has created an interactive, self-paced online training that complies with this training requirement, and similar requirements in other states, in addition to the OSHA guidelines that apply nationwide. Clear Law Institute’s COVID-19 Safe Workplace Training is fully narrated and includes numerous interactive animations, video demonstrations, and exercises.

Clear Law Institute, which provides online compliance training for more than 1,000 employers, handles rolling out the training to your employees, tech support issues, and tracking course completions.

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