Clear Law Institute CEO Michael Johnson has provided training to thousands of professionals on investigations and compliance topics. Past evaluations of his sessions have averaged 4.8 on a 5.0 scale.   We’ve included below testimonials from some of his recent sessions.

2013 SCCE Compliance and Ethics Institute

“You can tell he does this often and he does it very well. He made the subject matter understandable in a way that people can take his tips and put into practice easily.”

“The speaker was well rehearsed and spoke to us, not reading from slides or a script. Made the presentation very engaging and memorable.”

“Mike was a great speaker and entertaining as well.”

“EXCELLENT source of information. Very interesting speaker. Practical information regardless of where you were in the topic.”

“Good practical examples of real life situations – made for easier application of material and best practices material.”

“The presenter was engaging and drew upon the fact that many of us actually have performed many investigations – getting us to admit our challenges and showing us how to address them.”

“The session was effectively presented and it was clear how I can apply these principles in my investigations right away.”

“Professional, dynamic delivery.”

“Great speaker, very engaging. Lots of practical tips.”

“Very good presentation. Clear and easy to follow. Actual knowledge shared that I learned and will take back with me.”

Health Care Compliance Association Conference

“Mr. Johnson provided one of the most memorable presentations of the institute. It was very enjoyable and eye- opening. Everything we’ve been taught is challenged, and important information was provided to assist in investigations.”

“Mr. Johnson was a complete surprise and delight and obviously knows his stuff. I have been in those situations where obviously someone is not telling the truth but how to tell?!! This was not only educational but entertaining!”

“By far the best session in giving me concrete skills to use. He is an exceptional speaker and very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the case studies and interaction with the audience. His use of humor is wonderful too.”

“Incredible – how much we need information like this. One of the most informative and interesting sessions of the entire week.”

“Michael was clever, engaging, and an excellent speaker with great information. I would have listened all day!”

“This session was packed, seems like a lot of people decided to attend as an alternate and it was well worth sitting on the floor for. Have him back, he is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent speaker/presenter.”

“Wonderful speaker and a packed room. Well worth sitting on the floor!”

“The speaker’s presentation style made the session very enjoyable and the content was fantastic as it really challenged how we have been trained over the years.”

“Very interactive, presented with humor (that keeps everyone engaged). There were videos to view with scenarios. Superb.”

Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics Conference

“Michael’s style is engaging, if not riveting. He knows how to keep the audience involved and thinking, remains open to questions and differing opinions, and encourages audience interaction. He brings the subject to life and illustrates questions in a meaningful way.”

“Michael was clearly the winning speaker. He was extremely funny and kept people engaged. I learned a great deal during his session. Bring him back for more courses!!!”

“This session was the best out of all presentation given. The speaker was entertaining, yet very professional. I would recommend you use Michael for all of your seminars.”

“Mike Johnson was an exceptional speaker – he was incredibly engaging and learned. His participation was the high point of the workshop. I would strongly encourage you to engage Mr. Johnson in more seminars to teach compliance professionals, we have much to learn from him.”

“Mr Johnson was the most talked about speaker among our group. Great Class.”

“This was the best session in the Workshop, as it really provided what I needed personally to function effectively. I really wish you would make Michael Johnson available to us every so often via a webcast. This was great!”

“Funny presenter that caught my attention. Liked the video demo. And his real life examples.”

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Conference

“Michael Johnson – fantastic, engaging, useful handouts for future reference by HR professionals.”

“Michael Johnson- great speaker and interactive –videos were helpful”

“Michael Johnson appeared prepared and put together a cohesive presentation that included personality.”

“Michael Johnson was amazing!”

“Please bring Michael Johnson back next year!”


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